Kids Insights


Our solutions enable brands to spot flash trends and opportunities before competitors.


Our online portal provides you with multi-dimensional reporting enabling you to have access to the data in “real-time”, being able to interrogate to your own specific needs as well as benefiting from expert analysis.

We allow you to “take the keys” and control the portal.


We produce 4 in-depth insight-led reports each quarter. Each of our quarterly reports are based on the results of surveying over 5,000 kids, tweens and teens in the preceding twelve weeks.

The four reports provide a comprehensive insight into kids and their ecosystems, with each report focusing on different areas.


“The What Does It Mean For Me?” workshops are developed specifically for your individual business, and can be delivered Monthly or Quarterly.

The highly immersive sessions focus on delivering a presentation and immersive workshop to inform and inspire your team & partners, to help shape their strategies and best activate their plans.


Brand Uplift campaign analysis exists to provide clients with a holistic view of the effectiveness of a campaign. Unlike traditional campaign analysis tools, Kids Insights service does not only utilise primary data collected from pre and post – campaign, but applies our vast array of data and secondary data sources collected from APIs.


Audience In Focus was developed in association with our partners at PACT and CMC to provide partners and production companies with the ability to prove not only the feasibility of a new concept but also to provide insight into developing an effective ecosystem to engage the target audience and to inform licensing & merchandise strategies.


Our Testing service enables clients to quickly test new campaigns, concepts or products to help generate interest and investment and to reduce exposure before launch.

The testing service is available in all international markets with the reports available in English and/or local languages.


Monitoring brand health over time is an important part of any organisations ability to plan properly for the future. For brands who are looking to track their performance of the brand against a number of key KPI’s, we can provide a brand tracker/brand monitor solution across one country or one on a global basis. Our research team will produce a quarterly report and our tech team will display all of your data to your very own portal dashboard.


We recognise that some clients are often under- resourced and are under a lot of pressure from a ‘deliverables’ perspective. With that in mind, we can provide you with customised reports which are based on your own specific brief. The reports are delivered in your branded templates.


Our Properties In Focus report is designed to provide you with a comprehensive insight into your audience and a highly effective and powerful tool to engage your key stakeholders – by highlighting the strength and reach of your property.



Our Creative & Campaign Testing service provides you with a cost effective solution which enables you to test campaigns or content before you go live. We work with clients on both a project by project basis or by providing an ongoing solution.


Our approach to bespoke research perspective is to deliver tailored and research agnostic approaches. In many research scenarios, it’s important to have a guiding hand that helps clients identify the right questions to ask. As defining what you really looking to understand is the key aspect of effective research. Our experienced specialists do this and then design a research-appropriate solution, utilising a combination of tools and approaches.


Do you ever have quick questions about the kids and parents’ demographic that you need answers for in a couple of days? Kids Insights SnapSurveys enable you to ask up to 300 kids up to 10 questions, with the results and analysis being back on your desk in as little as 72 hours.