Kids Insights


The award winning portal provides clients with unrivalled insights into the attitudes, behaviours and consumption of children


We collect data every single week, enabling us to provide “real-time” data and provide our clients with the opportunity to quickly identify “flash” and “global” trends and to enable us to develop game-changing insight-led market intelligence reports each quarter. All research is collected ethically and compliant with the GDPR legislation. We work with two of the most respected research panels in the world, both of which have multiple offices in Europe, North America and Asia and comply with COPPA, the EU Safer Internet programme and all ESOMAR guidelines

The portal was developed by The Insights People tech team, and has been designed to be agile, flexible and easy to use – ensuring clients can get the maximum value from the portal as easily as possible.


There are a number of features which make the portal so effective, and The Insights People team would be delighted to share its capabilities with you. Some of the key features which our clients love include:


Question Time enables you to answer questions you would have never imagined you could answer. The tool enables you to easily cross reference and cross tabulate our data from our respective surveys to discuss patterns, trends and insights which are unique – and with all of our data being truly independent this provides clients with insights into their audience which they could never have imagined and can be applied across their business.


Our portal has been designed to provide clients with access to downloadable graphs which they can easily download for presentations and reports. In addition we have made data available for each graph to be downloaded as a CSV file – meaning that it is easy to analyse the data further or simply graph in colours which are aligned with your corporate identity.


The portal enables you easily and switch between how you view our data in three ways, as actual numbers based on our sample, as percentages or as our data has a 99% statistical significance we have even utilised Government sourced population data to provide you with an illustrative population figure. So the answer can be 435, 22% or 467,000 – enabling you to apply the data easily to a range of scenarios.


For those clients who want to keep an eye on certain data to help with their monitoring and reporting. Our technical team can build clients a specific or a series of specific custom lenses based on our clients specific requirements, providing clients with access to the information quickly and easily.


Often with data the true insights lie behind the data. Our In Focus tool enables you to drill down into the data to uncover further information into the demographics and make-up of the respondents – by age, gender and region – providing you with a true understanding of your audience, and insights into the sweet spot of your and thousands of other companies audiences in real-time or over our historic data.