Kids Insights


Park Group PLC


Park Group PLC a UK based financial services business which utilises the latest communication technologies, principally the internet, mobile smart telephony and social media, to offer customers a range of incentives, rewards and Christmas products, backed by the highest levels of service.


Multiple challenges and objectives were briefed in to Kids Insights relating to Park Group PLC’s current business challenges such as: Retailer set, Park Christmas Savings, PR and the Corporate businesses.


Park Group PLC became a client of Kids Insights, subscribing to our On-Track reports and real-time data portal, which provides them with an unrivalled understanding and insight into this generation of children. Kids Insights also ran a ½ day workshop working through predefined objectives, incorporating understanding and
developing strategic recommendations derived from our portal data and commercially orientated market understanding


We always relish being asked to look into specific objectives for our clients during these sessions. The wealth of data at our fingertips within the portal and our experience across categories means we can add real value and apply our thinking in a strategic and supported way to deliver to  specific client needs. This session was a great example of that, it also helped that our client was so open about the challenges they face and the underlying strategy they have to deliver to this. A great session!”

Tim Burge: Research and Trends Director, Kids Insights