Kids Insights


Finsbury Food Group


A UK-incorporated company, Finsbury Food Group is a leading speciality bakery manufacturer, producing a diverse range of cakes, bread and bakery snack products for the major UK multiple retailers and the food service channel.


Finsbury Food Group wanted to understand the current situation on the market, to explore opportunities in product development and licensees selection.


Finsbury Foods became a client of Kids Insights in 2017, subscribing to our On-Track reports and real-time data portal, which provides them with an unrivalled understanding and insight into this generation of children. Finsbury Foods utilise our data and insights across their business to provide them with a regular up to date snapshot of the wider kid’s marketplace and allowing them to identify key trends and changes in licences within their target audiences, whenever they want, and in 2019 extended their subscription to include Kids Insights France.


“The methodology we have created at Kids Insights is designed to enable clients to apply our data and insights to multiple forms of their business, including – advertising, content, licensing, marketing, product and sales. The reports we produce are designed to provide clients with a comprehensive understanding of what’s going on in kids ecosystem, and what it means for them. The real-time portal enables clients the latest data and view, filter and interrogate the data to their own specific needs.”

Jonathan Watson: Chief Product Officer, Kids Insights