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Dear Friends, Colleagues & Partners,

From a personal perspective it has been both an incredibly exciting start of the year, despite the ongoing challenges which we are all faced with personally.

Just over four years ago, the premise for starting the business was to create an environment which was driven by a diverse group of people, who brought passion, innovation, and strategic thinking to something which had not been done before but was a burning vision I had. That vision was not only to provide the most comprehensive and dynamic market intelligence available – in a way which was accessible to all elements of the business but was to go well-beyond that, and ultimately improve the industry standards.

And that is why from today – as an industry the three letters you think of when planning and executing a kids, tweens and teens media campaign should no longer be TVR, they should be MMS (Media Mix Score).

With the kids ecosystem increasingly fragmented across TV platforms, gaming, social, apps and of course linear TV – The Media Mix Score shows the power of each media type for your specific audience. The MMS considers preference, time spent and reach for each media type and platform. And not only that you can easily apply filters such as: Age / Gender / Region and their specific interests! So if you want to plan a campaign to specifically engage your existing fans, it will create an MMS score (performing more than 1,500 calculations) for each of the 11 platforms. And then likewise you could repeat the exercise based on your new target audience!

That is why with immense pride I am delighted to announce that we have today launched our new media planning tool – The Media Compass™. The Media Compass™ is the first real-time media planning tool of its kind, and one which we have developed in-house over the last 12 months, in close collaboration with more than 25 existing and potential clients, with special thanks to (and in purely alphabetical order): BrandLoyalty, Character World, Epic Story Media, Golden Bear, Hasbro, Havas, Initiative, Jakks, Leapfrog, Mattel, MediaCom, Nickelodeon, Pokemon, SuperAwesome, ThirtyTwenty, Turner, and Warner Bros.

In summary, The Media Compass™ provides a 360 view of kids, tweens, and teens’ ecosystems. Brands can segment the data on a global, country, regional, gender or age view, or by their specific attitudes, behaviours and consumptions. The Kids Insights Media Mix Score (MMS) will show the power of each media type for your defined target audience, considering the preference, time spent and reach for each media type and platform. Which means from a planning perspective the industry for the first time has the ability to compare a linear TV channel vs Fortnite or TikTok – with an independent and trusted metric.

For a demo of the media planning tool and to download an example report please visit:

Away from our first exciting development, it is becoming increasingly important to recognise and support our incredible team.

Today we have more than 50 team members, across our tech, data science, research, insights, strategy, marketing, business development and account management departments. And one thing which lockdown has really reminded me of, is that our most important asset continues to be our people and our values. As a business, I take immense pride that in our recent team survey, we received a set of results which were testament to all of the hardwork behind the scenes to ensure we are not only a global leader when it comes to our product, services and how we are perceived – but behind close doors also. In my mind it has never been more important to do this, and I am delighted that we are in the midst of training 10% of our business to be mental health first aiders.

The Insights People Q1 2021 Team Survey Report headlines (completed by 84% of our team)

–              100% of team members believe we collaborate well and treat each other with respect

–              100% of team members believe we are agile and continuously improve

–              100% of team members believe that their line manager care about them as a person

–              100% of team members take pride in working for this company

–              100% of team members would like to work for this company as long as possible

–              100% of team members would recommend The Insights People as a place to work


I am also delighted that we have expanded our relationship with a number of clients and welcomed more than a dozen new clients across Broadcast, Content, Gaming, Publishing, Sports and Technology since the start of the year, and our first new clients for Parents Insights have started to sign up!

And it means that as we look to pick up speed for 2021, whilst as individuals we might be having our struggles with a lockdown life, as a team we are very much match-fit and excited to take our business to a whole new level this year .

With so much pride, and warmest regards


PS if you haven’t taken part in our industry survey please join the 112 people (and counting) who have had their say: 

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