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The Insights People, the global leader in kids, tweens and teens market intelligence, has issued its Kids Insights Global Health & Beauty Report. The report reveals a comprehensive overview of key challenges,  opportunities and trends that they are seeing from the results of surveying more than 5,000 children every week, across five continents and 13 countries, or more than 277,000 children a year.

Nick Richardson, CEO The Insights People comments:

“By surveying more than 277,000 children a year we have a unique view to track their attitudes, behaviour and consumption across all elements of their ecosystem. This generation are like no other and are far more financially enabled and empowered from a young age. When it comes to health and beauty we are seeing some significant developments – from increased awareness of the environment and the importance of a healthy lifestyle, to the increase in peer to peer influence. Though it is interesting that we see no health and beauty brands in kids favorite top 10 brands in all of the countries we survey”

The Health & Beauty industry continues to be shaped by emerging trends worldwide, while shifting consumer priorities encourages innovation from new product development to retail. Key findings from the Kids Insights Global Health & Beauty Report 2020 include:

  • Vegan health & beauty on the increase: Our data shows that ‘animal cruelty’ is one of the leading concerns for kids across all age groups, globally, with kids in Germany and Mexico (37% of 3-12s) the most concerned. Shopper preferences have shifted from chemical-based beauty products towards cruelty-free and plant-based across many categories from makeup to deodorants. This creates many opportunities for retailers and the manufacturers of vegan beauty products.

  • Most popular brands: Neutrogena is the favourite beauty and skincare brand of US teens and it has grown in popularity by 33% year-on-year. The biggest growth in popularity in this market has been enjoyed by Garnier and Olay by 65% and 73%, respectively. In this market in the UK, The Ordinary Company has made an impression on this demographic, not registering as a favourite brand in 2019 but now used by 6%. Dove leads the way for the most popular bath, shower and washing brand among teens globally (particularly in the US, Canada and the UK), while Nivea also resonates with teens worldwide, and even more so in Germany, Spain and Italy, where Nivea is more popular than any other brand, ranking first for 10-18s.
  • The rise in direct-to-consumer: In the last few years we have seen significant growth in direct-to-consumer (D2C) or over the top (OTT) retail. The beauty market has also seen new brands emerge which take an ‘ecommerce-first’ approach, such as Kylie Cosmetics (16th favourite with teenage girls in the US) and Glossier (34th). D2C distribution channels give brands greater control over how they bundle and upsell their products to consumers.
  • TikTok influencers in cosmetics: The beauty industry is leading the way in connecting with consumers and building trust through influencer marketing. The social site’s highest earner, already with 55m followers – Addison Rae unveiled her own make-up company, ITEM Beauty in August this year. A new generation of influencers provide new ways for brands to develop.
  • Beauty at the forefront of inclusivity & diversity: In the US, current affairs have contributed towards racism (+241%), human rights (+138%) and gender equality (+169%) issues rocketing since the start of the year.

Utku Tansel LLB, MBA Head of Global Industry Reports Kids Insights comments:

“Children are the next generation of consumers and key trends and developments that we are witnessing today are likely to shape the future shopper. The Kids Insights data shows that the 10-18s annual spending economy on toiletries and cosmetics in the UK is worth £709 million, and in France and Spain, €789 million and €444 million, respectively. In the US, this market is worth $13bn. It is therefore important that brands truly understand their audience.”

For more further information about the Kids Insights Health & Beauty Report, please visit:

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