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In the socially connected world, getting the attention of kids is becoming more difficult, especially as their media consumption is becoming increasingly fragmented.

Younger kids are more likely to be influenced by their favourite character, whereas teens’ time spent on social media means that they are impacted more by the activity of their favourite celebrity or influencer. Teens in the UK spend +89% more time per day on the internet and social media than kids aged 3-12, and they’re 111% more likely to trust celebrities (a ranking of 4 or 5), compared to their younger counterparts. 

Using this trust to their advantage, the UK Government has utilised several social media stars to promote the NHS Test & Trace service, including a number of influencers from TV show, Love Island.

Love Island ranks as the sixth most popular TV show of teens, rising to second among girls aged 13-18. The programme regularly creates influencers off-air, with stars such as Molly-Mae Hague garnering more than 4.5m followers on Instagram, highlighting the breadth of influence that these celebrities can have. The use of these social media influencers has proven success with the NHS Track & Trace app reported to have over six million downloads in the first day, increasing to 10m in the first week.

Traditionally, ‘influencers’ mainly originated from media such as reality TV shows such as Love Island, films, music, and in recent years, YouTube. However, the world of influencers is changing.

The emergence of influencers from TikTok prove it is now easier than ever for global influencers to emerge from new platforms.

TikTok is currently the fourth favourite social media platform with teens (10%). On TikTok, influencer Charli D’Amelio has obtained 88m subscribers over the course of 12 months, making her the most followed creator on TikTok. She has already taken on collaborations with the likes of brands such as Morphe and Dunkin’.

D’Amelio collaborated with US coffee store Dunkin’ to create a new drink named after her. The announcement on her official Instagram page has at the time of writing received 5.2m likes and over 30K comments. Tubefilter reported that this collaboration resulted in hundreds of thousands of the drink sold, triggering a 57% increase in app downloads.

Beyond FMCG products, D’Amelio has collaborated with new digital US bank, Step. Although using influencers to advertise a bank isn’t a new concept, this is the first bank to do so who target kids as their demographic. D’Amelio’s campaign provided a $100,000 giveaway as another incentive along with her endorsement. Our data indicates 29% of younger teens aged 13-15, say they trust celebrities, providing insight into why influencers are one of the most powerful marketing tools available to brands today.

The campaign is also further indicative of the power of influencers, who can successfully advertise a product to an already well-established fan base. Kids who see that their favourite influencers trust a product or brand, are more likely to be encouraged to support the brand themselves.

In its September webinar, ‘The Influencer Conundrum’, The Social Store highlighted that one of the main concerns with influencers is the uncertainty around what they might say. The rapid rise to fame surrounding these platforms means a lack of trust in influencers, meaning new influencers find it difficult to gain the trust of brands until they are more established.

Brands can utilise information from our real-time data portal to stay ahead of the latest trends in emerging platforms and new celebrities, in order to identify the right influencers to align with their brand identity. A ‘one size fits all’ approach to marketing is no longer viable with the constantly changing digital landscape, making it important to maintain an agile marketing strategy, reaching your audience where they are most engaged.

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