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THE MONTHLY DIGEST: By Nick Richardson

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Dear Friends, Colleagues and Partners,

$1.2bn reasons why you should read this blog…

Where did Q3 go? I have said it before, but it genuinely only feels like five minutes ago since we were in Nuremberg earlier this year, with colleagues, clients, and partners.

From a research and insight perspective it truly is an interesting time to be around, and having access to daily, real-time data, which captures trends at all stages of their lifecycle is fascinating. And that is why we are delighted be launching our first and inaugural TAP (Trends Across the Planet) report, which looks back at some of the predictions we have made over the last few years and seen how those trends have developed, the implications and what brands are leading the way.

It has been fascinating to see the digital innovation which has occurred during the last six months, and like others – our business is no different than that.  

In the last quarter, the speed of our innovation has been truly exceptional, and with our tech and data science team more than tripling from the beginning of the quarter, it’s fair to say that this speed is only going to one way!

In the last few weeks, we have launched the first element of multi-language capability within the portal, and we have introduced a build your own dashboard tool (enabling clients to build and save their own dashboards). We have also started to integrate API data into our development portal, and we are pushing forward with two new tools, which we believe will become the industry standard, more on these in the next few months.

We are delighted to welcome more than a dozen new and diverse clients, all of which have come to us looking to improve the quality of the data, information, and insights that they have access to. It is always a hugely proud moment to welcome and retain clients within our business, as it provides recognition to every member of the team for the incredible work that they continue to do.

We continue to welcome several new starters to the business, so many now, please check our careers page to see what other roles we are recruiting for (Careers). We also continue our global expansion with us due to announce the launch of two new markets within the next couple of weeks.

And finally, as we enter Q4, a critical time for many businesses within this space, I wanted to leave you with a statistic from our industry survey, which we completed earlier this year. Two thirds of businesses that we spoke to said that they found it difficult to understand ROI of their marketing and media activities. So, if we use the PWC report figures that states the yearly spend for the kids global market advertising industry stands at c$4.6bn, and let’s conservatively assume that 40% is spent in Q4, means that of the $1.8bn which is going to be spent this quarter, brands are not confident that $1.2bn of that spend will be effective!

This is why we do what we do, helping brands optimise ROI in planning and execution of marketing and media spend, and by providing services such as our Brand Uplift & Campaign Insights service to independently evaluate the success of campaigns. If you would like a call to discuss how we can help you and your media agency in this area, please get in touch.

Best Regards


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