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Around the world, schools have been trying to get kids back in the safest way possible. Along with home schooling, online school and socially distanced teaching, new ways to educate kids pose questions whether going back to school will ever be the same.

With kids in the UK going back to school after lockdown restrictions are reduced, there are some big questions on how this will be done and how kids will feel about this as for many kids this has been the longest time they have not been in education for. While most schools have kept in contact with pupils with some having face-to-face contact regarding plans for reopening, all schools are scheduled to open properly in the middle of August for Scotland at the start of September in the UK, Wales and Northern Ireland. We can already see that kids are anticipating the return to school and how It will be different as it is being talked about by 6% of tweens in the UK in May which is an increase of 269% since March.

There is no doubt that kids have got used to being at home and many have been also home-schooled by their parents and online, while not as much in the UK, in France home-schooling is being talked about by up to 10,000 6-9 year olds as European countries test new ways of education. On top of home-schooling, kids have also attempted to educate themselves through YouTube with 1 in 5 teenagers choosing educational videos as their favourite on YouTube in July which has seen a 66% increase since March.

School and school life are some of the most talked about topics for kids recently after the likes of Coronavirus, Fortnite and football. Interestingly the kids who are talking about school are now twice as likely to spend over 2 hours reading for fun than those who are not talking about school, telling us that these kids are continuing to keep their reading habits up even out of school and potentially in preparation for their return. What we can see from the data is that kids are looking forward to going back to school and getting back to normality. In the US for example, school prom, going back to school and college are all within the top 50 most talked about things for kids.

While we can see that kids ecosystems have changed dramatically through not being in school, brands are quickly finding ways to produce products and content in preparation for the return to school and kids starting to get all of the essentials needed. Hype and Disney have collaborated to create a capsule accessory collection featuring backpacks, mini backpacks, drawstring bags, pencil cases and lunch bags. The collection launched on Aug 7 and could show to be a smart move from the two brands. Hype peaks within 10-12s with an indicative population of 10,000 favouring the brand in the past 6 months, Disney on the other hand is more popular with 3-9s with an indicative population of around 370,000 favouring the brand in the UK. This is a big opportunity and one to watch for Hype to grow in popularity but also for Disney to resonate more with tweens and teens as Hype does.

Brands and personalities are also finding ways to brighten up the concept of leaving school in a time of uncertainty. Travis Scott favourited as an artist by an indicative population of over 200,000 kids in the US recently collaborated with basketball player Lebron James who is also favoured as a sports star by an indicative 600,000 kids on a class of 2020 t-shirt. The product message is ‘we are all in this together’ with 100% of proceeds going to charities to support the issues and worries which the events of 2020 have caused for young people.

As more kids go back to school, brands will be coming up with new ways to engage with kids in safe and fun ways with new products, content, and experiences in line with social distancing measures.

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