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THE MONTHLY DIGEST: By Nick Richardson

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Dear Friends, Colleagues & Partners,

To recap, we do not sit still for long! In the last quarter, we have been busy with onboarding a number of new hires, lots of new clients, launching into Canada and Australia and of course welcoming a new chairman in Stefan Lampinen.

Balancing building an exceptional team, retaining DNA, and expanding into new markets is not an easy feat. And one of which I can assure would not be possible without amazing management team, and a team which does not just buy into our vision but believes it.

Bringing so many new people into a team at one stage is not easy and fortunately we have put in a place an adaptive process to recruitment and induction, which enables us to grow and whilst it has been highly effective it would be naïve to say it does not pose challenges in the future, as the most important asset we have as a business is our people, our culture and ultimately our team.

Whilst there is no doubt that COVID has caused all of our clients so many challenges, I feel it is our job it help them navigate those challenges and ultimately discover opportunities as they start to present themselves and to be fair what this has further demonstrated is that anything but real-time, continual data and insights are completely ineffective.

Launching into so many new countries poses a lot of challenges, but is a critical part of our growth, ensuring we retain quality and provide so many of our clients with a global solution to improve ROI across their business. We are doing this with care and control. And we are now gearing up the team to enable us to welcome a new form of market intelligence to many new markets but to also start to build a simply unrivalled market intelligence on kids, parents, and family across the globe

To do this without an amazing team would not be possible, but as our global aspirations grow, we also need to strengthen our Management team and with that in mind we are delighted to welcome Stefan Lampinen as company chairman.

Stefan Lampinen joins our board with an incredible pedigree which includes working in senior roles for Microsoft, Electronic Arts, Warner Bros, and acted as advisory board member to a number of fast-growing gaming companies, including Minecraft. His role as chairman is important as our business reaches the next stage of its life.

And that takes us to now, but like us all good stories, the story continues.

  • We are working hard behind the scenes to further expand the team (please check our careers page)for a list of roles we are currently recruiting for)
  • We are undertaking feasibility in a number of new markets – if you would like us to launch in a new market please get in touch 😊
  • We are also collaborating with some of the biggest brands and agencies in the world to develop a suite of new solutions to help clients with their Advertising, Content, Licensing, Marketing, Product and Sales – including a media planning tool
  • And of course, to do this we continue to survey more than 4,000 kids a week across 5 continents and 11 countries, which means we are adding more than 300m data points into our portal every week!


And whilst a lot of you start to plan your Q4 campaigns I would just add that the difference between success and failure has never been closer. It is not just based on the traditional marketing mix (product, place, price, and promotion) it goes far beyond that. And understanding and defining your audience and ensuring your timing is right are critical components. That is why we are inundated with enquiries for our Brand Uplift & Campaign Insights service to provide an independent analysis of the effectiveness of their advertising and media campaigns and to capture learnings to improve ROI of future campaigns

Its been a hell of a year, but its our job to make the bumps smoother, and give you clarity in a world which is increasingly blurred.

As always if there is anything we can help with please do get in touch – wishing you all the best for the remainder of the year and as you start your 2021 planning.

Best Wishes


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