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THE MONTHLY DIGEST: by Nick Richardson

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Dear Friends, Colleagues & Partners,

It is starting to get somewhat busy! As some countries start to return to normality and enter the stage we christened ‘AC’ (After Coronavirus) – it is evident that the second half of this year could start to get very busy for us all.

Brands, publishers, and agencies are all eager to understand what the new normal looks like, and from the feedback we continue to get – we are best placed to help clients understand that.

During the lockdown period we have more than doubled our full-time team, we have increased our global coverage to include four new regions, launched new products and welcomed several exciting new clients to our family.

We have also announced major feature upgrades for our award-winning data portal and we celebrate successful start to 2020 as demand and usage of platforms soars to record levels. The new exciting developments to our real-time award-winning portal which provides users with enhanced ability to view, filter, interrogate and analyse the data to their own specific requirements. The developments which include Global View, Side by Side Analysis, Search, and the ability to build a snapshot of a brand’s audience, have received universal praise from users across the industry.

We are delighted to work with our clients and partners to help them define and understand their audiences, plan their Christmas media campaigns, as well as tracking, measuring, and evaluating their campaigns through our Brand Uplift solution. For more information on this, please get in contact.

Wishing you a successful start to the second half of 2020!

Stay Safe


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