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THE MONTHLY DIGEST: by Nick Richardson

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Dear Friends, Clients & Partners,

2020 for us will go down as an unusual year. Unfortunately for some it will be a memorable year for all of the wrong reasons, however we should all take time to celebrate our successes.

I went to get in contact with a friend this week who it turned out I had not spoken to since Christmas. I started the email, “hope you are well and the year has started well”, only for me to pause and consider that what I was actually saying was somewhat silly! We are only a few weeks away from the mid-point of 2020 which really makes me think “where has time gone?”

From my perspective it has been a challenging year, but I have been so proud of the team and how they have coped and adjusted to the ‘new normal’. We have been fortunate that our day-to-day business has not been affected and in many ways the pandemic has illustrated how our methodology and approach to research and insights is so far ahead of others.

It can be easy to be self-critical when you are running your own business, but the last few days have demonstrated how far we have come as we celebrate our 3rd anniversary. We have gone from a concept, a vision into a scaling award-winning international business with 30 highly talented individuals on our payroll. And the innovations which we are bringing to market are truly game changing for the industry:

–         The first real-time independent media planning tool.

–         Brand uplifts and campaign insights.

–         Global reports from the kids’ perspective.

–         Flash surveys enabling clients to get answers to their questions in as little as 72 hours across multiple countries.

–         Reports and a portal which are fully integrated.

–         Predictive tools providing clients with a glimpse into the future.

–         And many more which are in the development process.

It has also been exciting to see our international expansion continue to be ahead of plan. We announced Brazil and Mexico in Q1, which joined US, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and India as markets we operate in. And we are now also working through final feasibility on two more markets which we hope to announce soon.

This growth has seen us welcome a number of new clients to our growing family, many of which we are delighted to be working with on a multi-region or global basis.

And of course, in recent weeks it has been with immense pride that we have welcomed Ken, Andrew, Stefan and Nikki into our family as members of our advisory board. Their support and guidance will really help us as we start planning our next 3 years of expansion, innovation, and growth.

And lastly my beautiful baby daughter Harriet took her first steps. So, in reflection we are not standing still, we are in fact taking baby steps with more and more confidence as we begin the slow process of returning to ‘normality’.

Stay safe and please let us know if there is anything we can help you with.

Stay Safe


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