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Our latest research published in C21, looks at  kid’s content consumption during the coronavirus lockdown.

From the start of this outbreak, we have been saying to clients and partners that we believe this period will be known as BC (Before Coronavirus), DC (During Coronavirus) and ultimately AC (After Coronavirus).

By surveying children continually, we have an unrivalled view of how kids’ attitudes, behaviour and consumption are and continue to evolve. There is no doubt there are going to be challenges over the coming days, weeks and months, but businesses have to take this time to adapt and reflect their plans accordingly, starting with understanding how their audience has transformed over this time. Using our real-time data portal, we have looked at some of the significant trends in media and content consumption. Some of our observations are as follows.

Coronavirus is changing entire industries, not just for the foreseeable future but potentially forever, and as a result consumers’ attitudes, behaviour and consumption will also evolve. But the generation which it is likely to have the biggest impact on is children, as this is the age where habits and preferences are formed.

When we look at the impact on children, there are significant examples of the severity of the impact of coronavirus. For example, since the global lockdown, we have seen how teens’ concern over the economy has increased by 20% in France and Italy, 13% in Germany, 10% in the US, 9% in Spain and 4% in India and the UK.

• Children are seeking out social connections via shared interests. ‘In-game chat’ has also proved more popular this month as children increasingly seek out opportunities to connect via a shared experience or interest. Chat platform use: the UK 4.3% (+48%), France 2.4% (+300%), Spain 1.6% (+200%), Italy 2.7% (+238%), Germany 2.1% (+162%).

• Facebook has seen an increase over the past month. The percentage of kids saying it is their favourite platform has increased from an average of 7.2% to 8.5% (+18%) in the UK, 9.6% to 10.7% (+11%) in France, 4.4% to 5.2% (+18%) in Italy and 1.2% to 1.6% (+33%) in Spain. Not only is it a place to socialise and connect with friends, but it also appeals and is familiar across generations, making it easier to communicate with extended family.

• Whilst the number of kids watching YouTube in Germany has increased by 15% to reach a total of 54%, kids in other markets have moved away from YouTube. This is particularly true in Italy where there has been a decrease of 28%, and in the US, 16%.

• Subscription-based platforms Netflix and Amazon Prime have seen a boost in engagement DC and some markets appear to be taking viewers from YouTube. During coronavirus, we know that kids’ habits and consumption levels have changed in many areas of their ecosystem, and this is also true of TV and VoD, where we have seen an upwards shift in a number of subscription-based platforms amongst kids across the globe.

• Netflix, the most popular of all on-demand platforms, has seen engagement increase in some Central European markets, with the exception of Italy. The number of kids watching Netflix in France has increased by 17% DC and by 8% in both Germany and Spain. Engagement increases have been modest in India (+3% DC) and flat in the UK, and in the US there has been a 13% decrease in kids watching Netflix.

Our real-time data is providing an insight into the kid’s ecosystem and its changes in this DC period, helping our clients keep up to date with the latest trends (ultimately through a combination of BC, DC and AC data). It also helps them to reconsider and re-evaluate their strategies to maximise any investment they make in advertising, content, licensing, marketing, product or sales so that they can come out running the other side.

Kids Insights will be also issuing a report in the coming weeks which will identify ten things which might happen as a result of Coronavirus. To register your interest in receiving the report visit


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