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THE MONTHLY DIGEST: by Nick Richardson

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Dear Friends, Clients & Partners,

None of us could have imagined that 3 months after we all returned to work after our Christmas holidays – that a few months later the world would be in a state of lockdown, and to life feeling that it’s somewhat on pause. In this challenging and unprecedented era, on behalf of the whole team at The Insights People, we would like to send you, your family and colleagues our best wishes and very much reiterate that for us is it very much business as usual, though of course with some adjustments!

It’s fair to say, we had sight of this in mid-February and at that point started to draw up contingency plans across the business. We then acted quickly to best protect the team, the business and make use of all these “fancy” technological features and tools that our tech team have invested in over the years – Slack, Trello, Zoom, Go To Meeting, Teams, WhatsApp, Hubspot, OneDrive have all played their part in minimising disruption.

Whilst its clear these uncertain times are going to remain for the foreseeable future, for us we are fortunate that our ability to go about our day to day business has not been affected. We continue to survey more than 3,000 children a week, produce our insight-led reports, bring new exciting features into the portal, launch new products and services and welcome new clients to our business.

It’s at times like this, where our methodology really demonstrates why we are so far ahead of anyone else. I believe in history we will look at the world “BC” before coronavirus, “DC” during coronavirus and “AC” after coronavirus – and unlike any other provider, we will have data collected continually across all these periods. This provides us and our clients understanding to the effect the outbreak has had on children’s attitudes, behaviour and consumption, and as a result, providing unrivalled insight to help companies plan and innovate.

It may sound insensitive to talk about opportunities at a time like this and that is not my intention, but brands who understand how children’s attitudes, behaviour and consumption are changing, will be best placed to come out fighting – and let’s be honest we are all going to have to come out fighting after this difficult time. An example of some of the changes we are seeing is how Netflix has performed over the last month vs. the last 12 months.

In regard to our real-time portal, it has never been busier, with clients taking advantage of having some thinking time, to use our portal to help them re-plan for 2020 and beyond. And we continue to do whatever we can to support our clients, as we are in the business of developing long-term partnerships and that’s why our team are so committed to proceed forwards in innovate, one of the examples of this is that every day we are sending our clients daily insights illustrating how kids attitudes, behaviour and consumption is evolving across every market.

And I am delighted to share some of our exciting updates this month:

– Our Global Toy & Games Report is out now! Further information is available by clicking here

– Mexico becomes our 9th market which we launch into. We started collecting data on the 1st March and our real-time Kids Insights Mexico (and Kids Insights Brazil) is now live and accessible to clients. This also means we are now surveying more than 150,000 kids across 4 continents.

– Launching Kids Insights SnapSurvey which enables us to capture data and insights quickly for clients in as little as 72 hours from briefing to delivering an executive report. For more information on this service please click here.

– We have a number of new tools being added to the portal – including Side by Side and Snapshot.

– We complete our (current) recruitment push which has seen us recruit: Tanya to lead our US Business Development, Rob to lead our European Business Development, Juha to become Senior Developer, Harrison as IT Administrator, Rajan as Research Executive and Dominic as Junior Content Producer, as well as promoting Dan Lucas to CTO from the 1st April.

We will also be producing a special After Coronavirus (AC) report, looking at identifying some trends we expect to see occur as a result of the Coronavirus. To request a copy of the report please click here.

I look forward to speaking soon, and if there is anything, we can assist with please do get in touch.

Stay Safe


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