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Kids Insights, the global leaders in marketing intelligence, has recently issued its latest Digital Download report which focuses on the digital lives of this generation of children in India. The reports are based on the results of surveying over 5,500 Indian kids from ages 3-18 years old through 1st December and 29th February 2020.

Kids Insights’ team has performed the most definitive study to date on how kids’ relationship of how much technology is changing kid’s attitudes, behaviour and consumption. Some of their key findings include new opportunities for YouTube licensing, the great potential of audio gaming and the increasing growth of the INXP (in-experience purchasing) market, where children purchase in-app and in-game purchases.

Based on the report, an average of 86% of all children in India have access to a mobile phone, making mobiles the most prevalent device access point. This enables children the ability to access entertainment, information and to shop.

Huge smartphone ownership also results in the rapid growth of mobile finance and payments in India. Kids Insights data from the last two quarters show that kids spending via PayPal has increased from 11% to 14%, as well as a 9% increase in spending via PayTM. With high rates of smartphones and low ownership of consoles, children in India are more likely than those in the UK and France to pay for apps and in-app content.

Jonathan Watson, CPO Kids Insights, comments:

“Our four Digital Download reports have produced significant insights, a must-have for anyone in the kid’s industry. With India home to the largest growing mobile payment market globally, there is potential to bring a new population into the economy and spending with brands online. Our latest data shows that teenagers are as likely to spend money on apps as they are to only download free ones (50% only download free), with the most common amount spent being between Rs90- 180 per month on apps, and importantly including in-app purchases. “

Kids Insights work with the most respected research panels in the world, both of which have multiple offices in Europe, North America and Asia and comply with GDPR, COPPA, the EU Safer Internet programme and all ESOMAR guidelines. They collect data in a linear manner, via an online survey, which means that they collect at least 410 responses every single week, 5,325 per quarterly reports and 21,300 annually. The sample is representative regarding both age and gender.

Kids Insights panel in India is conducted online. According to the World Bank latest figures, India has a 34% internet penetration level, therefore they can estimate that their survey is reaching approximately 34% of the kids’ population in India.

Kids Insights will be also issuing a report in the coming weeks which will identify ten things which might happen as a result of Coronavirus. To register your interest in receiving the report visit

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