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THE MONTHLY DIGEST: by Nick Richardson

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Dear Friends, Clients & Partners,

One of our new year’s resolutions as a business, is to improve our communications with you all, as we have not always been the best in letting you know all of the exciting things which we have going on as a business, and sharing how you can maximise ROI by working with us.

So from March 2020, I will write a short blog updating you on all of our key updates as a business, ensuring you and your colleagues are aware of them.


In January, we launched our new portal (v. 3.0). This portal is a significant move forward on our previous award-winning version! To explain what we are looking to do based on significant client feedback is to build a portal, which becomes “your one stop shop” for understanding the attitudes, behaviour and consumption of children.

From a data perspective, the new portal has several improvements in how you search, view, filter and interrogate the data. We are also working on a number of new tools to explore the data to provide clients with an easier and more executive view of the insights provided. The first tools we will be launching this month are: Snapshot and Side-by-Side.

Snapshot: enables you to have an executive overview of a specific audience. So, for example, you can select “5 year old boys from Germany” and you will get an executive snapshot of their digital or their non-digital lives. Providing you with a quick and executive overview of their ecosystems to aid your planning.

Side-by-Side: enables you to compare different countries side by side. 


On Track Reports:

Previously the way we have produced and distributed our On-Track reports has been on a quarterly basis, where clients would receive a copy of: Leisure Measure, Reach Meter, Screen Scape & Trend Alert reports every 12 weeks.

We are now making some changes to this based on client feedback, and beacuse we are now active in 9 markets, with plans to launch in other countries later this year. As a result we are going to rearrange the reports, so that:

In addition, rather than releasing all four reports every 12 weeks, we will now be issuing them as following:

Parents Insights UK reports will continue every 12 weeks at the moment, with the next set of reports out in May 2020.

We will also be making a few improvements to the structure and the style of the reports too, and we look forward to sharing these with you this month!

 Kids Insights Europe (France, Germany, Italy and Spain)

We will be launching our first European reports this month, based on surveying more than 40,000 children (or 10,000 per country) that we have surveyed over the past 12 months. For more information on getting access to these and the European portal please get in touch.

 Kids Insights Brazil & Kids Insights Mexico

We are delighted to confirm that from the 1st March we have started surveying children in Brazil and Mexico. Our methodology for these markets is consistent with what we do in the UK, US and India – surveying more than 410 different children a week or 21,000 a year in Brazil and Mexico respectively.

We will be making the data available for these countries available in the portal in April and producing our first set of reports in June 2020.

By launching into these markets, we are now surveying more than 150,000 children a year, across 9 countries and 4 continents.

 Kids Insights Global Report

We were delighted to welcome Utku Tansel to our team earlier this year. Utku is ex-Euromonitor and WARC, and he will be working with our constantly expanding research team to produce a series of 7 Global Reports based on data across all markets. The first of these launching this month is a 60 page report on the Toy & Games sector. Further information on the report can be found here.

Future reports will also cover the following sectors: Video Gaming, Food & Drink, Electronics, Health & Beauty, Fashion & Clothing and an executive report in December on Marketing & Engaging Kids Executive Report. For more information please click here.

I think that covers all of the key updates from my side this month, and wishing you and your colleagues all of the best.

Best Wishes,

Nick Richardson

CEO Kids Insights

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