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Kids Insights, the global leader in kids’ market intelligence, announced a major upgrade for their real-time data portal. Portal 3.0. which, apart from having an entirely refreshed look and feel, has been re-designed to make it even easier for users to access intelligent insights from the depth and breadth of data obtained through surveying over 2000 children each week across seven countries and 3 continents (i.e. more than 105,000 globally per year).

To get a free demo of Portal 3.0, please visit

By collecting data continuously, Kids Insights is able to uncover current, emerging and flash trends – as well as better understanding the attitudes, behaviours and consumption patterns of children. The portal tracks the entire, inter-connected kid’s ecosystem from the toys and games they play with, to their favourite brands, books, video games and devices.

The Kids Insights user interface is very friendly and easy to navigate. It puts clients in control of the data, giving them the ability to view, filter and interrogate it to their specific requirements, including age, gender and regions of the target audience. It also has a ghosting feature that provides a quick and easy overview of whether cross-references are over/under indexing.

The award-winning live-data portal, therefore, enables businesses to gain key insights to help inform their advertising, content, licensing, marketing, product and sales strategies.

Over the last 2 years, the portal has developed from an early concept, to a powerful tool used by some of the biggest brands in the world, including the BBC, Disney, Kraft, Formula 1 and most recently joined Mattel, MediaCom and Pokémon.

Through its platform, Kids Insights has already identified a series of trends in the UK and US earlier than most, including the rise of the Fortnite phenomenon, the growth of TikTok, and  how the rapid uptake of smart speaker technology in the home is creating ‘Generation Speak’.

 “When we started, our vision was to become the market research company of the future. We believe that market intelligence and data has never been more important, and whilst existing market intelligence is useful, it is fundamentally flawed.  If the previous version of our portal was award-winning then, we believe it is now setting the standard in the industry. With its revolutionary touch interface and new smart features, our real-time data portal gives our clients absolute confidence in making correct business decisions”, says CEO of Kids Insights, Nick Richardson. 



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